Sunday, August 24, 2008


Our friends Joanna and Andrew came to visit us this week. They got here in Thursday and will be here until Tuesday. We are so blessed that they bought plane tickets and flew 800 miles away from home to visit us!! Usually when we see them we are in Maine for only a few short days which means we only get to see them for a few hours, so this has been a special treat for all of us. We are still trying to convince them to do 2 things 1)move here 2) have a baby :-). I don't think it will ever be Travis and I that will convince them, but we sure are trying!!

Having Joanna and Andrew here has really made me think what it means to have true friends. The people that you can be a real with and they'll still like you, that you trust, and that you have a good time doing absolutely nothing with but sitting around a fire and talking (which we did tonight...and roasted marshmallows...yummm). It is important to have people like that around but it is hard to find very many people like that. Joanna and I became friends in 6th grade- and of course had our distant times- and we don't talk very often, but in the end we know that we are always there for eachother and always will be. We always pick up where we left off without any awkwardness. Travis actually helped us rekindle our friendship 4 years ago because he and Andrew really hit it off when they met for the first time. They hit it off so well that Travis ended up being the best man in their wedding!

So anyway, I am blessed to have true friends that know everything about me and still love me!

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