Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Doctors

First of all, can I just say that I LOOOVE the show The Doctors!! It helps to have Travis (from the show the Bachelor) as the host! Just kidding... even if someone else hosted it I would still love it! I would recommend this show to everyone. You just have to watch it! It is a talk show with 4 doctors (an emergency room dr., an OB-GYN, a pediatrician, and a plastic surgeon) and they have different topics each day. A word of warning though, they talk about pregnancy, implants, and scary diseases kids can get- A LOT! I admit. I am addicted. The reason why I am writing about this is because I am bringing Bria to the pediatrician again and will miss my show. I DVR it everyday and today I will have to take advantage of it.
I was at the church office this morning and realized Bria had what I thought was diaper rash, but I wasn't sure because it didn't look like any diaper rash I had ever seen. I asked Tiffani to look and it and she said it looked like ring worm. So, with that said, we are headed to the doctor again for the third (THIRD!!) time this week. The second appointment this week was on Monday and was 2.5 hours long so I am over the doctor's office, but we have to get this taken care of. Travis (my husband...not the host of my new favorite show) :-) is in Atlanta until tomorrow night so I am playing single parent for a few days. The last time he was out of town for a couple days, I got sick. I've decided that he can't go out of town without us anymore!!

So if you are reading this, please pray for my baby girl. She is only 5 months old and has been to the doctor more than I have in my entire life!! From a cold, to ear infections, to a flat head, to ring worm. She's had quite the past few months! Poor thing. It makes me think, "What am I doing wrong? Why can't I keep my child healthy?" I know kids get sick but for Bria it is just one thing after another!


Steph said...

Hang in there Kristin! Praying for you all. Tell Travis he will just have two extra when he travels from now on.


amyblackwell said...

Hey Kristen, I saw your blog off of Stephanie's but anyway it will get better! I thought the same about Layna her first year she was alway sick, she even spent a couple nights in the hospital at 6 months old. Maybe she is just getting everything because she exposed to other kids alot, which was the same as Layna, and they just get it all but they are building a good immune system in the meantime. Layna could not get better before she would get something else, I used to be scared there was something really wrong with her but she finally got over it and I can't even remember the last time she had a cold! She used to start crying when I layed her on my bed because she thought I was going to suck snot out of her! I'll be praying for her (and You)!